Pet Priority Services

Pet Priority has been providing personalized pet care in Las Cruces, New Mexico since 2000.  
When you choose our service you get a mature, professional, reliable pet sitter whose focus is
caring for your pets in the manner they are accustomed.  When choosing our service, you have the
invaluable peace of mind knowing your “family” is given personal attention, which is customized to
their specific needs including, diet and exercise, medications and lots of TLC!

We take care of a variety of pets, ranging from large dogs to frogs, birds and snails.  What ever the
pet may be, we work to develop a personalized plan for making your
pets our priority! A plan that
includes care of your pets and home that meets your needs and your budget.  Our services are
provided daily or on an as-needed basis. We may also charge for longer distance of travel.

We Make Your Pet a Priority
Pet Priorities Competitive Rates

Costs of taking care of the ones we love should not be based on whether it meets our budget,
but in reality, it is.  The cost will be based on such factors as the type of pets you have and the
type and frequency of services requested.

( Rates based on 30 minute visits)
$15.00 minimum charge**
**Rates vary depending on how many animals, visits per day, location or if your pet needs
medications or walks.

** Holiday surcharge $10.00 (Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor day,
Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day , New Years Eve, New years day)
** Before 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm visits please add $5.00 to above prices
** Rates are for local services within 10 miles of my home.  Additional fees may apply for
traveling         outside of our area.
** Rates include: watering plants, bringing in mail & newspapers, taking garbage to street,
setting alarms and lighting.

Your pet(s) will be there to greet you upon your arrival home – happy and healthy!

Call for your quote today!

Cell Phone: 575-649-2678
Donna (Owner) & Nemo
If you are looking up Pet Sitters then your pets are like Family and you know that
they would only feel like they are being punished if you had to kennel them for the
time you are gone.  Getting a pet sitter is the most common choice for when you
are out of town for business or pleasure.
When you choose Pet Priority to take care of your pets, you have the
invaluable peace of mind knowing your “family” is given personal attention,
and they are in the warmth and comfort of their own home, surrounded by
familiar sights, sounds and smells.  
We understand that each pet requires customized specific
needs.  Pets on raw food diets are often not allowed in
boarding facilities. Feed and water at scheduled times and
accommodate those with Special Diets >>
Our services also include:
Diet and exercise routine is uninterrupted. Taking dogs for
walks, playing with animals, brushing (upon request only),
cleaning up after them, scooping the litter box, administer
Medicines and
love on them!
Our services also include:
Check in calls, texts, or emails from your sitter to give you updates.  
Advantages in using Pet Priority include not having to impose on friends or
relatives, who sometimes forget, you are also not inconvenienced or rushed
by having to transport your pet(s) before or after your trip and regular visits
to your home, provides a crime deterrent.  Making sure your mail and
packages are brought in, lights and or blinds alternated, as lights and or
blinds alternated, as well as general daily activity, gives your home a “lived
in” appearance.