About Us

Hi!  My name is Donna and I have been around pets my whole life.  I grew up in Lancaster, PA.  
Farm Country!  I was always helping my grandpa and uncles with their horses, ponies and pigs.
Through the years I had numerous cats, dogs, rabbits and chickens.  I guess you can say serving
animals are in my blood!  I have a passion for animals and I am naturally driven to provide
superior customer service.

I left my family and friends and moved to Las Cruces in 1991.  I Instantly fell in love with  Las
Cruces and the Mesilla Valley.  I brought 2 cats with me and accumulated 2 cats and 3 dogs
within 5 years.

In November 1996, I had my son, Austin, and wanted to take him back to visit my family in PA.   I
had no family in New Mexico, so I had to find someone to take care of all my animals.  I finally
found a reluctant neighbor who agreed, but I worried about my "babies" the whole time I was
gone!  I knew they wouldn't be cared for and loved the way I wanted.

Pet owners, like myself, find themselves working longer hours, traveling more for business,
health or personal reasons and they are looking for alternatives to crowded kennels. That's when
I decided I wanted to help pet owners who needed help.  I wanted to give their pets the kind of
love I would expect mine to have while I was traveling. So in 2000, 18 years ago, I started my
own company, "
Pet Priority, Las Cruces", where we make your pet our priority!

The next time you can’t get home for lunch or dinner to let your dog out, you need to leave town
for work or vacation, or if an ailment or injury limits your ability and you need someone you can
trust to care for your pets and home, call us at Pet Priorities, 575-649-2678.  

We can’t replace YOU, but we can offer the next best thing!
We currently service a number of regular pet owners here in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the
Mesilla Valley and continue to expand at a rapid pace!

Call us to give your pet the love they deserve!  
Pet Priority, Las Cruces:

About Us